6 Month Learn To Code Blueprint

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Looking for an exact web developer blueprint that can take you from knowing NO code to actually APPLYING for coding jobs?

Whether you have NO coding experience or very little, this blueprint CheatSheet provides:

  • A HQ printable six-month roadmap/cheatsheet from HTML beginnings to job-ready coding skills
  • A supplement document with exact course, resources, and lessons you need to use along the way
  • A week-by-week trackable system
  • A large portfolio project that I've put together including instructional videos and solution files to help you if you get stuck.

If you are truly motivated to do this, to put in the hard work learning to code over the course of 24 weeks, then these documents will get you there.

Video Walkthrough:

Samples, blurred

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A printable blueprint that you can hang by your desk. A second supplementary document that gives more details, links, and a weekly tracking system.

High Quality Blueprint PDF
The Printable Blueprint
High Quality Blueprint Summary PDF
Includes Course, Lessons, Project material, and Weekly Tracker
Instructions on how to use the Blueprint and achieve the best results
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6 Month Learn To Code Blueprint

20 ratings
I want this!